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Streamline and optimize your path to health with advanced cellular image analysis

With Lyticell's tailored AI methods and advanced technology, we provide fast and reliable cell analysis solutions.

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Empower your research with simplified and enhanced image analysis using Lyticell

We believe there is more that can be done through new technology. That’s why we focus on tailored AI-methods, combined with software and hardware which enables new types of cell analyses that meet your specific needs.

Automate and improve your image analysis

Our service is available as a cloud based web application that we integrate in your current operations. With Lyticell, you can both automate and improve your image analysis, while freeing up time for other things. Fast, flexible and reliable.

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Cost-effective solution with your specific needs

We can offer a cost-effective solution and rapid development since we have the right skills and a unique framework to start from. This is then adapted to your specific need. As a hybrid between product and service, we also maintain and update the software so that it continues to function satisfactorily long term.

Elevate your workflow today

Lyticell is easy to use and the user experience is fast, flexible and reliable.With Lyticell, your cellullar image analysis becomes better and more efficient, while freeing up time to do other things.

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We are Lyticell

Caring for people is in our nature.

That’s why at Lyticell, we want to contribute to regolatory research, drug development and diagnostics that aim to improve peoples' living conditions and general health.Lyticell. Insight through intelligence.

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We are thrilled to get in touch with you and chat about AI, cellular imaging, or automating image analysis workflows.We eagerly await your message and the opportunity to engage in your work and how we can support your endeavors. Together, we can continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of cellular image analysis.

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